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Mike Pence
Re: We know that. Mike Pence is apparently compromised. Wish us luck. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Vincent

01/02/2021, 09:10:52

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Go back and look at Bush Funeral footage Mike Pence also got an envelope. George Bush was tried and convicted but hasn't been sentenced yet and if Biden is sworn in both Bush and Pence are off the hook. and may never face a military tribunal. That is why I'm worried about Pence, if you watch the video you will see Hillary and Biden both drop their envelopes. I have said in the past that the military tribunals were set up to help drain the swamp, and that is why so many people are out to get Trump. Trump being a newbe to politics didn,t realize how big the swamp was and that is why I'm worried about the outcome.

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