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Wow, I'm surprised! Are YOU surprised!?!? 'Cause I'm surprised!! Did I mention that I'm surprised!?!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/02/2021, 01:15:31

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Speaker Pelosi's house vandalized with graffiti, pig head: reports | Fox News

There is nothing....NOTHING...more identifying about leftism (fanatical anti-conservatism) than UNRELENTING WANTON VIOLENCE.

Almost as many people were killed AFTER the Great White Revolution that deposed the Tsars and started Communism in Russia, than in the war itself - BY HAND OF THE NEW ADMINISTRATION!!!

One of the first things the Bolsheviks did after driving out the monarchy was to round up anyone they could from the old regime and murder them, their servants, teachers and families. Then, when the Communists ran out of enemies to murder, they created the Politburo, changed the laws and made it a CAPITAL CRIME to advocate in any way against the Central Committee. They systematically rounded up all the members of the pro-democracy faction who helped win the war and murdered / IMPRISONED ALL OF THEM!!!

See, that's the thing about Marxists/anarchists - they love Humanity soooo much, that they don't care HOW many innocent human beings they have to murder horribly or how many homes/cities they have to burn to the ground, or how many new laws they have to make up to allow them to imprison anyone who disagrees with their Plan, to finally make this into a Perfect NEW REVOLUTIONARY Socialist World Order.

The fact that Pelosi is being targeted instead of Christian nuns, police/fire fighters or Christian school children walking home from the bus stop should only last a short time. Soon the ANTIFAs and the BLMs and the Occupoo Wall Street marauders will be back to their old specialties - harming completely innocent people and utterly destroying buildings, businesses, communities and civilization they label "bad" in the name of Creating Utopia. Just like Marxists and other anti-conservative radical revolutionary socialists ALWAYS HAVE!!!

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