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So the latest discussion I have heard is that there is supposedly some evidence that the Biden transition team was "tested" by military intelligence and failed.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

01/01/2021, 23:05:24

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It would arguably be treason for any U.S. government employee (which includes anyone on the Biden team cleared to receive classified briefings) to knowingly share, publicize or otherwise make available said information to a foreign entity, especially the principle of the information.

If this was done, it may expose at least some members of the transition team to charges of treason.

Furthermore, there is also some discussion of revelatory information gleaned from the Hunter Biden laptop computer which implicates the "president elect" in felonies, which might disqualify him from serving as president if convicted.

The details are not important at this point because it is all conjecture and rumor.

My own feeling is that this is a circular process, not a linear one. If true, ultimately the veracity of the evidence must pass a DOJ or military echelon of validity before it may be presented to Congress or to a Court.

If it DOES meet those thresholds, the next step would likely be to go to the SCOTUS for injunctive relief. At that point,a battle of dueling expert witnesses (likely out of public view) would take place, leading to a DRAW.

Without an almost-literal SMOKING GUN, no Roberts-led SCOTUS will EVER interfere in the process of installing a president who has obtained Congressional endorsement of the Electoral College vote totals. Never.

So it would be a wash and that monstrous retard Biden and his henchwoman Lucretia Borgia would become president anyway. All for nothing with severe political blowback for the losing Republicans.

That is my armchair view, but hey, what the Hell do I know?

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