Senate election
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Posted by: Vincent ®

01/01/2021, 22:44:12

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The senate election is going to be more of the same, cheat, cheat, cheat, the current Secretary of State Brad Raffensburger and Bryan Kemp are both bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party. Both are afraid of Stacey Abrams and have allowed her to harvest over one million votes. She and her judge sister are backing Warnock and Osscoff, this whole group is backed by the money bags Chinese Communist Party. We also have greedy individuals in the republican party besides Kemp and Raffensburger. looks like Mcconnel has sticky palms also January 6th will bring the Rino's out of their hiding places. The last crocked and corrupt election will be rectified and the corrupt Biden Crime Family will be sent where they belong in jail. However the January 5th election has already been stolen, they wouldn't go to all the trouble of rigging one election without rigging the other. That being said we have to all go out and vote! Pray for Mick Pence and give him the courage to save this country from Communisim on January 6th.

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