Additionally, when they finished counting in Maricopa (seems some votes hadn't been counted) Biden went from 93,000 (some claim 45,000) over Trump to 11,000 over trump.
Re: Kelli Ward is still fighting there in AZ. The McCainiacs are fighting her, but it seems witnesses claim, people were sitting on the floor filling out ballots. When challenged, they claimed the ballots were only to repair/refigure damaged ballots. I -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee W.

11/27/2020, 08:21:23

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You know something was going on here. To beat the band, Fontes used Dominion in 2018, when he announced most of the vote counting machines were broken (in Republican areas) and all votes had to be taken to the Recorder's HQ where they took 10 days to count them all feeding them into Dominion machines. Trump won, but barely. McSally lost.

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