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You mean, the NEXT revolution.
Re: Great idea...just seems a bit late. Maybe after the revolution.... -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/24/2020, 11:12:08

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Four years is not a long time. Likely the greater part of the next four years of a 'Crat administration will be trying to sell the idea to voters that the reason everything didn't get better and actually got worse after the 'Crats took over was "circumstances beyond their control".

Good luck with that, 'Crats. We are already in a "V" shaped recovery on the up-side- so if that goes away, and we return to Obama-era single-digit growth for four years, that will be on YOU, motherfathers!!

Then, even the moronic super-rich will turn against the 'Crats - at least the smarter ones will.

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