Totally sick of how the media is DOMINATED by GARBAGE LEFTISTS and "SJWs" - We have to FIGHT to end this oppression!!!
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Posted by: John Smith

11/22/2020, 21:10:26

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Recently you may have heard about how conservative commentator Candace Owens said that Harry Styles was not manly for wearing a female dress, which was 100% TRUE - Most hetero men don't ever wear female dresses! Or even if they do, they will still have a harder time attracting women or finding dates/relationships. THIS IS A FACT. However, immediately after her post, the leftist monsters POUNCED.

2) Most people would agree with her. Even another actor said the same thing. Yet, the same shit people went back, attacked again, wrote 100+ articles for public shaming purposes, trying to indoctrinate the rest of us how we "should not live by boundaries".

3) Then came the Twitter storm. It's not like MOST Twitter users agree with those of course, but those who enjoy living a random lifestyle (i.e. leftists) had basically NOTHING to say, using totally false, arbitrary justifications to "boost" their agenda: Candace Owens Criticizes Harry Styles, Sparks An Embarrassingly Outdated Culture War (

It comes from this that how can we just stand and watch while all this BS is happening. Left-wing totalitarianism has already destroyed America. Today, because of them, America is a country with NO CULTURE, no national religion/language whatsoever, just a random mix of people from all over the world. Even worse, they have turned this country into a garbage one where PORN is FREELY AVAILABLE on the Internet for 40 million+ to see, where people have 100+ casual sex partners and get them all abortions, where DRUGS, GANGS, and CRIMINALS are all very active and keep entering this country in huge numbers, as well as them being sanctified in popular culture, where people lie on subway streets smoking pot. And it doesn't stop there. Before you know it, girls would all go out showing their boobs (i.e. Free the Nipple movement), the male and female genders we all know of today WILL BE DESTROYED, among other shit.

Are we just going to sit and watch this BS, or we going to stand up and fight!!

(Btw, SJWs has been put in quotes because they are not real "social-justice warriors", rather random mentally sick people who have embarked on a quest to destroy America and the world.)

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