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why the democrats and rino's had to steal this election
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Posted by: Vincent ®

11/21/2020, 06:29:37

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My very reliable sources who I trust with my heart and soul, just informed me why the democrats felt they had to steal this election. I know some of you don't believe what I'm saying and I know it sounds a little far fetched. The democrats were afraid of Donald Trump because of his drain the swamp decree. Over his four years in office he has found a lot of corruption in Washington DC. He has found corruption in the FBI, State Department, Congress, Senate, at federal level, State level, and even county level. He has set up a method of draining the swamp that scares the hell out of the crocks in Washington DC. In the disgraceful Kavanaugh interview, I know some of you can and will and I want you to check it out. Lindsey  Graham asked Kavanaugh if such a thing existed as the Military Tribunal. He was informed that it did exist, but was rarely used except in rare occasions of fraud and treason against this country, and I (paraphrase). Donald Trump had plans for Gitmo and moved the Military Tribunals from Columbia South Carolina to Gitmo. Shortly there after the China Virus hit by design. This closed everything down, The democrats used every dirty trick in the book to steal this election. Non of the democrats and rino's wanted to be the next one on trial for wrong doing and even treason in some cases. This was a last ditch effort to get rid of Donald Trump because they were afraid of the Military Tribunals and didn't want to be next. Most of the politicians in DC are guilty of crimes against the people.

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