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"We the People" is their biggest fear
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Posted by: DullArmor

11/20/2020, 18:12:49

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So much has been done to strip the governed of their rights and powers as enumerated in our founding documents. What has not been taken has been watered-down with threats of outright repeal so as to disenfranchise the people.

As an example, anyone with a IQ above 90 can read 2A and understand that "bear" means "to carry about one's person" and that "infringe" means "touch upon the border". Those two words have been reinterpreted to mean almost the complete opposite during the 20th century.

We all know that 2a prohibits state & local governments from passing laws that keep citizens from carrying arms. But how many of us have ccw permits when they only allow us to partially do something that is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?

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