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Missing the big picture...
Re: The taxing power is how FDR's SCOTUS finagled the NFA and the Roberts Court finagled the ACA. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: DullArmor

11/20/2020, 14:39:02

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Beto wouldn't be Biden's gun czar long. Now, he may transition to Kamaltoe Harrassment when she takes over in mid 2021.

He won't have much to do, though. Once the Georgia runoffs put 2 more Democrats in the senate, all of Harris' promissed gun legislation will be able to just barely squeak through in congress and she will make a big presentation of signing them into law. She will be much quieter when seats are added to SCOTUS.

No backdoor (atf regulations) required. Just need to steal 2 more small elections (easy after the potus election), and it is clear sailing for the grabbers.

And ammo tax is the least of our problems. It would be better for us if they did start with ammo tax because that would get the fudds angry.

Fudds sitting it out because they dont own ARs or AKs is going to be an issue. My own father (God rest his soul) would have been ok with them confiscating ARs, but wouldn't have even suspected that his shotguns were next.

And AR-15s (there are more AR-15s privately owned by US citizens than any other rifle) will be first on the agenda. Other "weapons of war" (semi-auto rifles that are magazine or clip loaded and initially designed for military use -SKS & thumb buster owners will get burned too because of stripper clips & enblock clips) will be included in item #1 of round #1 of their legislation.

They aren't stupid... (at least in some respects) they know that most veterans own either a M1 Garand, M1a, M1 carbine, M14, Ruger Ranch, Ruger Mini 14, AK, SKS or AR-15. I would guess that at least 1 million of the 3+million ARs in citizens hands are owned by veterans.

Get rid of the veterans with semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines and their job is 80% done.

Anyone who thinks that the FBI (whom Giuliani just called out for corruption yesterday) doesnt keep NICS check information is gullible.

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