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Will the fat lady sing
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Posted by: Vincent ®

11/20/2020, 06:01:26

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First of all I would like to say I'm sorry to our founding fathers, I'm sorry to all the people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I'm sorry for not upholding the Constitution, which I swore to protect. Someone said the United States of America would never celebrate it's 250 year birthday. I'm sad to say looks like their right, for that sad day in January when the President is sworn in, the fat lady will sing. This disgrace of a election has left this country the laughing stock of the world. We can no longer hold our heads up and be proud of our country, we have only our selves to blame. We sat by and let our children be brain washed by the left. We sat by and let our flag be burned, We sat by and let our national anthem be disgraced, We sat by and let our Presidential election be stolen by a man who has Parkinson's disease. I said after this coup of an election stick a fork in America she's thru. On that sad day in January will that fake President be sworn in, and will the fat lady sing.

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