If it goes to the Supremes it will be a wash - the election will stand as it did. John Roberts already proved his inclination...
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11/20/2020, 02:47:21

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...in cases involving politics is to sit on his hands. Roberts is the ultimate slacktivist in that regard. He follows the Swedish model of high-court adjudication - which is to stay out of it unless there is a clear-cut violation of Constitutional law.

Roberts will not overrule any aspect of the political process unless there is ample case law to establish a clear precedent - which is impossible in this case, because it involves (1) a plague (2) electronic/computer voting systems (3) state legislatures. Only the state legislatures certify or refuse to certify election results. The DOJ can investigate and help prosecute federal crimes in that regard but they have nothing to do with the disposition of the outcome of the voting.

Roberts will never contramand any decision of any legislature. If any state high court kicks a case up to the SCOTUS, Roberts will sway the High Court so that it simply refuses to hear the case.

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