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Biden will never be sworn in
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Posted by: Vincent ®

11/19/2020, 18:11:34

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After hearing the press conference, I said Crocked Joe and his corrupt democratic party will never occupy the White House. He and his Biden crime family will be staying at the crowbar hotel.  They pointed out that election officials were part of the coup to oust the President at all cost. The election officials might be keeping company with the Biden crime family. This was a planned out attempt to steal the election by the democratic party. Software designed by a corrupt third world country was used in battle ground states to steal the election. Algorithems with adjustable varibles were used to insure Biden would win. There has never been a more corrupt and rigged election in the history of this country. I kept hearing the name of George Soros being mentioned. He was said to be the largest supporter of BLM, ANTIFA and the corrupt left wing democratic party. If these people get away with this scam this country is thru.

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