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Posted by: DullArmor

11/18/2020, 22:56:57

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Let me pose a few questions for ya...

The Republicans support 2a but not legalizing the drug that comes out on top when it comes to best pain relief with least side effects.

Democrats support legalization, but not 2a.

Who should a gun owner with spinal issues, cancer, etc... vote for?

Do republicans realize that there are a lot of 2a supporters with medical issues that have to choose between effective medication and their 2a rights?

Some states allow partial birth abortions, yet will charge someone with double murder if they kill a pregnant woman...

An 18 y/o can vote, be drafted or enlist, is held accountable for contracts, but cannot buy a beer or even a cigarette in most places...

Powers not expressly granted to federal government are reserved by the states, so how can the federal government withhold highway funds if states do not enact 21 drinking age? Yet The same federal government cannot withhold funds from sanctuary cities?

Even within their own parties, there is no continuum of logic. Why? Because most people support policies that benefit them at that moment with no consideration of long term effects.

There are parts of our nation's founding documents that democrats dont like. There are parts that republicans dont like. Yet both try to ground their arguments in what is "constitutional".

Our nation once passed the 21st amendment, even acknowledging that Tun Tavern was instrumental in our nation's founding (...pursuit of happiness...?)

I have lost count of the number of people that I have known in their 40's (when they had teenagers) argued for tougher marijuana laws, then in their 60's, completely changed their attitude when they, themselves, suffered back issues or cancer.

99% of folks dont understand the true razor's edge that the constitution calls for. And they support whatever position benefits them most at the time.

No knock warrants have been held to be "constitutional"... how the hell any conservative could support the idea of a no knock warrant is beyond me. And that "no warrant shall be issued without sworn affidavit..." - should law enforcement be able to make these affirmations or does the fact that they lose face or fail to meet quotas if they dont make enough arrests decry a conflict of interest?

"Conservatives" tend to support a lot of policies that seem to contradict the constitution. But they do it a lot less than the liberals so unless/until there is a viable 3rd party, I'm stuck voting conservative/republican.

Freedom (as promised in the Bill of Rights) is way too messy for most folks. They prefer freedom-lite or freedom-ultralite. So those are the crappy choices we have.

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