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You can lead a horse to the history of the Constitution but you can't make them...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/18/2020, 21:57:21

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...understand its significance and profound genius. People who are "educated" by Marxists seem almost incapable of understanding ANYTHING clearly... their intellect is so occluded by Marxist dialectic. Everything they think is within the context of "correct thought" only.

Like poorly-programmed robots, you say something simple to them like, 'The government does not have the legal authority to permit or deny The People the right to bear firearms," and their reaction is a sincere look of puzzlement. Then any explanation (defining "unalienable") brings even more puzzlement and eventually - rage/contempt.

Of all people, leftists are the most easily-offended when others don't agree with them. They behave like spoiled children when confronted with open disagreement on anything important. Then they pout because like children they will not respect you unless they think you like them.

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