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From what I have seen, there was no serious effort by the 'Crats to bail out or otherwise render significant aid to the small farmers so they could keep their farms.
Re: "The U.S. government did NOTHING to assist the poor farmers who were driven off their lands[.]" -- 'Course not. It was FDR and the CIC (commies in control). -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/18/2020, 18:28:39

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It was apparently more expedient politically and logistically to merely let the banks foreclose on the poor bastards and let the fat-cat big-cap industrialists take over buying the land when it was (NPI) dirt cheap, then turning them back into productive farms which were so successful after anti-erosion measures were enacted, that the government eventually gave some of them subsidies to stop growing crops.

Somehow that doesn't pass the smell test for me. Sounds like Statist/Greenhead tyranny.

There was mitigation of course (WWII started), which may or may not have been used as cover to execute a joint-take-over by the gummint/industry under the guise of an emergency. Sound familiar?

I'd like to think we won't repeat that as a government and that most if not all of the people put out of business will get a fair slice of the government pie if they are still able to go back into business.

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