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Of course you're correct sieur, but wasn't that how the Republican party started, General?
Re: No denyin' it. But they were a faction within the party, not a party themselves. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/18/2020, 17:46:20

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Disguntled Whigs formed a faction that eventually became the main party which renamed themselves the Republican party.

I mean, aren't you as I, SICK AND TIRED of the entrenched Statist, greenhead louts who are burrowed into the Republican Party machinery like Carpenter Bees? Wouldn't you love to wake up one morning and know that if you were voting for someone on a party ticket they were the sort of politician you could trust to enforce the things you personally valued most?

Imagine being able to eradicate the Deep State factions in the Republican Party by eradicating their operatives one by one. Republicans were first a political faction like the TEA Party was/is.

A leader who is charismatic enough could energize such a movement and who knows, maybe help create a newly regenerated (purged) Republican Party.

The one thing I'd like to see is a rebranding effort by the GOP so that it no longer meant, Grand Old Party - (the term "old" for good or ill, has acquired a negative connotation in many (most) demographics. People dislike being referred to as "old" yet the Republican Party still clings to that nickname like an appendix long-dead that is still inside the patient.

I suggest that they change it to Great Open Party which refers to the reality that the Republican Party is far more of a Big Tent than the 'Crats - even though the 'Crats claim it without evidence. The Republican Party has just as diverse a membership as the 'Crat party - environmentalists, reformers of capitalism, gay people, police reformists, all races, religions (well, MOST- few Satanists or militant Muzz), even socialists (as long as they are not Marxists) are welcome in the Republican Party.

The only difference is that the Republican Party has the SANER versions of all those other factions while the 'Crats have virtually all of the reckless, rage-addicted, violence-prone nutcases.

I say that General Teebone needs to lead this new party. All in favor...signify by saying GOTWALMA!! Or JAITH!! Or DANG, THESE WINGS IS....HAUT!!!

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