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11/18/2020, 16:50:45

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The translation from Libberish of the famous 'Crat boast, "When they take the low road, we take the high road," statement is, "When they take the any sort of road whatsoever, we CLAIM that we are taking a higher road when in reality we are taking the absolutely lowest possible road". 

The faux moralism of 'Crats is such blatant BS - always reminded of that great part of the mini-movie "Serenity" where the evil Alliance assassin (actor Chiwetel Ejiofor) brags that all of the atrocious, murderous things he does are not for his own benefit, but because he believes that he is "building a better world".* 

A "better world" right. That's right up there with the line from Hudsucker Proxy (worst movie name ever, but a great movie) " know, FOR THE KIDS!!!"   which is one of the ACFs perennial excuses for all of the horrible, mendacious, violent things they do - it is for the best. To build a better world. You know!! FOR THE KIDS!!!

* That phrase is also used by a wicked character created by Ridley Scott for the Alien film series. The motto chosen by the Founder of the government-like Weyland Corporation is, "building better worlds". heh yeah, sure. whatever keeps the cash rolling in, eh? 

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