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Well, the TEA party pulled it off. Maybe there is some chance another such effort might succeed.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/18/2020, 16:26:06

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The reason I am intrigued by the possibility is that the one group that has remained/grown in every election cycle since I have been aware, has been the group which expresses deep displeasure with all available options of political parties.

I think it's obvious that one of the biggest reasons people hate political parties is that they often behave as if they have zero interest in maintaining civil dialogue.

Sure, to me it appears that the ACFs/'Crats are much more guilty of this than conservatives, but there are unquestionably a ton of people out there who are unhappy with their choices.

A party that focuses on the classical value of civil society combined with rational, cause-focused, fact-based policy debate would be something that would attract a lot of people looking for some goddam hope, for the love of God.

Unfortunately the American Independent Party is not that great. Most so-called Independents are actually non-aligned - meaning they belong to no political party.

What if all of those people could be convinced to vote as a faction. It would be millions or tens of millions nationally. Enough to do some good.

Other than the TEA party, non political party in the US has made much of a material difference to policy-making or improvement in governance.

If DJT wants to continue to be a real threat to the Swamp Rodents he might do well to consider starting something along the lines of Perot's Reform Party which could endure long after he personally left politics.

I think DJT is capable of changing his style of communicating - to become less-vituperative, egocentric or polemic in his approach. I think he made a conscious decision not to change his style much because this isn't the same world nice-guy RWR lived in when he was elected president twice.

Far more chaos, violence, and lawlessness and far-less civility, dignity or respect for restraint/class.

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