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Why? Big things can have small beginnings, you know.
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11/18/2020, 15:59:32

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The Republican Party itself grew out of other parties. as evidence I give you a quote from a Civil War Era historian who wrote, " the great realignment of the 1850s (LFL: resulting in the formation of the Republican Partybegan before the Whig party collapse, and was caused not by politicians but by voters at the local level. "   (Underline, bold and italics mine-LFL) 

The Republicans apparently glommed members of what was called incredibly the Know Nothing Party (non-Whigs) which was fractious /poorly-run and other small parties tired of the Whigs and the Democrats. One of the more-artful things the new-kids-on-the-block Republicans did was attract voters/members somewhat tolerant of slavery but who strongly objected to the idea that slave-owner farmers were snatching up the best farmland in their own territories (all politics is local).   

No reminder needed to you General, that the magnificent TEA party, had the same genesis as the Republican party - a direct outgrowth of a popular constituent-based (as opposed to an established party-based) movement.

When there are as many people disgusted and repulsed by both parties as we have today, I think it's obvious that there's a potential for recruiting them for a separate faction. 

Personally I like the idea of a non-Polemics party - which will focus on maintaining impersonal cause-analysis (looking for the causes of problems not people or factions to blame, primarily) civil society, protecting free-speech, defending individuals against big government overreach and above all PROMOTING IDEAS, RHETORIC, POLICIES AND CANDIDATES which uphold principles of engagement, rational dialectic (as opposed to partisan dialectic) and refraining from vituperation in public discourse.  

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