Wow, someone doesn't understand the kinds of people she is hanging out with (in H-Wood)..
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11/18/2020, 14:39:51

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Ms Cummings expresses a civil, rational, compassionate, humanistic view - which is totally incompatible with the mindset of most ACFs.

See, fanatics by nature do not acknowledge anything good about those who disagree with them strongly. In a nutshell, the most-passionate 'Crats consider conservatives and others who oppose radical revolutionary socialism as sub-human monsters who deserve only great loss, suffering injury and death.

What ACFs mean when they blather about "tolerance" is that they demand the views and behavior of anyone on their side of ideological/policy stances be tolerated without censure or strong opposition, but not the same for those who disagree with/oppose them strongly.

ACFs being severely detached from reality in most ways that count, believe that conservatives and other normal people who aren't in love with the idea of radical revolutionary socialism are wicked, monstrous, amoral swine.

Not one-in-ten-thousand ACFs have heard, much-less understood the ancient Oriental saying, "He who hunts dragons too long becomes a dragon."

She is a great candidate for joining a political party which accentuates reason, not emotion, communication not vituperation and discourse over divisive polemics. I admire her courage, but she had damn well better watch her back in an environment where people hate DJT more than they hate the people who deliberately unleashed the China Virus on Humanity, murdered 3000 innocent people on 9-11-2001 or have called for the destruction of Israel.

Normal people are eternally at dire risk when surrounded by cacogens, the way one is when hanging around in H-Wood.

Until the leaders of the 'Crats decide that there is some value to maintaining the civil society (which at best has been suspended in this newer, cheaper age) being a passionate leftist means also being a vicious, cowardly, uncivil A-hole.

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