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"I can't hand a conversion kit to someone for them to cover my six." -- Well, yeah, there is that. :-)
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Posted by: Russ Walden

11/17/2020, 13:59:39

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DullArmor --

You might want to have a mechanical competence test available before you did that. I would like to have one of those conversion kits to play with in my shop, but I would never actually use it

I like your bugout suggestions.
I grew up in the country. My Dad put a lot meals on our table with a 12 ga. and a 22LR. For us, hunting was part of "grocery shopping."

My gun and ammo inventories are probably more substantial than most, but I don't have a family to support (just a live-in granddaughter). I live in a semi-rural county where my collection would be considered "about right." I had a Sherifff's Deputy tell me that "there are a lot more guns in this county than people." I think he had it right.

Take care,

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