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Another good option
Re: "A good .22 semi-automatic rifle, like the Ruger 10/22" -- That is an excellent rifle. I own one. Still looking for my next AR-15 . . . -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: DullArmor

11/17/2020, 13:38:56

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Marlin Model 60 is a 22LR semi-auto with tube magazine. Tube magazines seem to escape the attention of the gun grabbers. They run $189 at Cabella's.

Mossburg 702 Plinkster is also 22LR semi-auto but uses a modified Model 60 action and a detachable 10 round magazine. They run from $129 to $199 depending on stock options & dealer. Marlin XT-22 magazines will work in this model, and I prefer them as they do not lock the bolt to the rear, saving me 1 step when reloading. Unlike AR's, this model will experience FTF/FTE issues if you rest the gun on the magazine. Avoid that & there shouldn't be any issues.

Marlin XT-22 is a 22LR bolt action that uses a 7 round detachable magazine and comes with wooden stock. Slightly better quality & workmanship than most sub-$300 rifles.

I have used the Marlin Model 60, I own a 702 Plinkster (bought for $125 used including 4x scope & soft case a few years back), and bought an XT-22 as a graduation gift for my son. The Ruger 10/22 is a great rifle, but if cost is prohibitive, you should be able to purchase one of these alternatives complete with case, extra magazine, scope, etc... for the same cost or less than the 10/22.

There are lots of other options, too, but I don't have enough experience with them to offer advice on those.

One thing to avoid, though are used 22LR bolt-action rifles that have been used by the BSA. Common practice is to use 22short & then have the kids clean the rifles or camp personnel that are in a rush clean the rifles. The powder fouling from repeated 22short that has not been carefully bore brushed results in slightly rough chambers that do not affect 22short but catch the front edge of 22lr casings. This leads to th22lr spent casings becoming stuck in the chamber and failing to extract properly. This same effect can happen with 357 or 44 magnum chambers or cylinders that see more 38 spcl or 44 spcl than the full power loads, but most pistol owners are a bit more careful than kids at summer camp. Most but not all.

Not bashing the 10/22 at all. It's a great rifle.

But in these times where the economy sucks and guns are hard to find at dealers, more options is always a good thing.

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