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Posted by: DullArmor

11/17/2020, 12:14:00

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Watch the CIA & FBI bigwigs keep their jobs. They Control It All with the illegally gathered information that they have stockpiled to blackmail anybody of any significance. Judges, police chiefs, politicians, etc... they have dossiers on everybody in a position of influence. The NSA admitted to illegally obtaining & keeping metadata on every phone call, text message, & email. If they admit to that much, how much more is really going on? What ever happened to put a stop to this illegal operation? Nothing. Why? Because normalcy bias prevents people from risking their jobs, marriages, homes, & their lives in order to take a stand against this. America ended right then, the day that the NSA said "yeah, we did it, we will continue to do it, and you aren't going to do anything about it." And we did nothing. The people made their choice to allow the unconstitutional spying on every citizen because the alternative is admitting that the federal government has become the corrupt institution that our nation's founders were so fearful of that they would not ratify the US Constitution without the inclusion of a Bill of Rights. The same bill of rights that make illegal this very action and give the people the means of resistance (peaceably assemble, 2A, etc...).

Honestly, Trump needs to clean house in the CIA, NSA, FBI, and put some stawalt defenders of the constitution (like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Louie Gohmert) in position to restructure these agencies. Considering that he didn't do this action, which should have been step #1 in "cleaning the swamp" during his first term, if he doesnt do this upon reelection, then all we have is red koolaid vs blue koolaid.

Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the Steel Dossier Russia collusion bullshit was indicative that even the USAG was being manipulated. Why? Because the FBI acted illegally in an attempt to use their resources to influence an election and they didn't want to be held accountable. Trump called "bullshit" and fired Sessions because he trusted Sessions to resist the FBI blackmail. The USAG is in a unique position to be able to fight against this sort of blackmail by opening an investigation into these agencies. Sessions folded (who knows what skeletons were in his closet) and a sitting US President interfered in an election and got away with it. Obama was still president when Hitlery was implicated in this mess. Why wasn't Hitlery prosecuted? Because those deleted emails would have led to Obama's impeachment & possible criminal conviction.

We (and I include myself) have failed our children. Some of us (again, myself included) share a larger burden of guilt as there is no expiration date on our oaths of office or oaths of enlistment. Now we sit and wait to see if the rigged election system can be brought into the light and fixed or if, indeed, every election shall be forever "fixed".

I pray that God will bless & protect the USA. I pray that Trump can get this mess corrected. Otherwise, I fear we will see a civil war or worse, a reluctant acceptance of tyranny.

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