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broken election system
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Posted by: Vincent ®

11/17/2020, 07:08:06

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The US has 0 credibility when it comes to elections, thanks to the democrats we can't be the shining star of how elections are orchestrated. We need to stay out of other countries and stop telling them how to conduct a fair election. Our elections are a joke, crocked software, dead voting, dead registering to vote, fake ballots, back dating ballots so they can be counted, crocked voting officials, crocked voting machines, crocked democratic states with agendas to steal the election, what happened to the constitution, why have no people been arrested. I thought their were laws to prevent such a thing from happening. What has this country become is it no longer worth saving. This country has already allowed the MSM to crown and elect the President, I thought that was the job of the electoral  college. The democrats want to change the constitution but it hasn't occurred yet!

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