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Posted by: DullArmor ®

11/17/2020, 01:39:27

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The way things are going, I just might answer "I'm an American capitalist Marine Corps veteran, have you met my uncle Sturm? (As in Sturm, Ruger & Co.)" Admittedly, my favorite "daily carry" is a Ruger P-95 in 9mm with 15 round magazine. (3000+ rounds with 0 fte/ftf issues.  Pull trigger = bang 100.00% of the time in my experience using 10 different brands/styles of ammo.)

As  USMC Infantry veteran, I can say with certainty that the worst part (and longest wait) is when you try to remain calm & act as if nothing is wrong while you wait days, weeks, months, etc... just waiting until "the bad guys" act out of line in such a manner where your hand is forced and you can put all your "skittles" and training to use.  

Some folks have seen this train 'a-comin' for a decade or more and are just hoping that our youngish (teens & twenties) kids have been more influenced by us than their commie teachers & professors; that they will pick up the arms that we taught them to use in defense of the USA and the values that we tried to instill.

My kids know that the person that survives the longest has a 22LR rifle, a 22LR revolver, & knows to hide 90% of the time, and that 10lbs of ammo equals 105 rounds of 12 ga, 350 rounds of 9mm or .223/5.56, or 1300 rounds of .22LR.  The biggest shark doesn't always survive the longest, but the stealthiest shark with the sharpest teeth has an advantage.

With all that in mind, I'm a God-fearing USMC veteran that believes in American Exceptionalism and equality for all under the law.  And I have no reservations defending that belief until my dying breath.

If just 1/10th of the able-bodied veterans feel this way, we outnumber all the active military & police forces 2:1 (and that falsely assumes that 50+% will not refuse to fire on "dissidents" waving the stars and stripes). We aren't sitting in our basements with a 30-06 bolt action as our primary defense.  We have jobs, own businesses, have CCW licenses and carry a 9mm or 45ACP on our hips & a 12ga or AR-15 in our car's trunks.  

Worst of all to the would-be rulers is that we are smart & crafty.  I will not lie & tell them that I'm a communist. I will kick them in the knee or crotch, yell to them that I'm an American while I'm running away, then scream "F you, commie" when me & my family/crew/counter-revolutionaries pop out of the woodwork like some poison-resistant strain of termites to undercut the foundation of their belief system.

WE have focused on stage 3 (active engagement of known enemy forces) while they have focused on stage 1 & 2 (promote lies as accepted truth & fool the masses).

They ARE winning at this point, but if it comes to stage 3, they will not be capable of understanding where their plan was faulty.  

It is very simple...  we Patriots will gladly pay the ultimate price for our beliefs, they will sell-out in a heartbeat.  Any of ya'll ever watched a game where one team has a lot more skill and  talent but the other team has more "heart"?  I have.And more often than not, the team that plays hardest wins the game with no consideration given to odds or predictions.

So back to the original Post, I'm no commie.  I'm a veteran of one of the world's greatest fighting forces.  The large "molon labe" and "3%er" tattoos preclude my "blending-in" with the masses.  I have a busted grill (missing teeth) from the time I put myself between the fist of an abusive Asshole and the tiny gal he was trying to beat.  I have a hole in my heart for the stranger who bled-out in my arms after random gun-violence in my Non-Issue state.  

Pardon the "french" but F**k them...  I'm no commie.  No expiration date on the oath I took.  I do solemnly swear to follow all lawful orders from my superiors and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies (communists), foreign & domestic.  

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