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Nancy Grace is well on the way to redeeming herself for being on that other "news" network for so long...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/16/2020, 23:39:36

Author Profile Mail author Edit joining the Fox News team. Being a former prosecutor I'm guessing her tolerance for leftist BS maxed out and she decided she had to walk.

This lady is doing a feature about a truly amazing person who unlike most celebrities has a great deal to celebrate about his life. If I can do one percent of what this person accomplished in my own life, I will have acquired some measure of greatness.

Good on Grace for having figured it out - the media is the reporter on real life - not the stars of the show.

Louis Zamperini is the real deal. Sure, Clint Eastwood beat her to the punch by making the feature film about his life but Grace is doing a special show on his story for her Fox series. I'm not sure when the show airs, but it's soon. Fox News channel has the link to Grace's website. Nicely done, Chatelaine...

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