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Re: When Dems and RINOs say they "support the Second Amendment," they are serious. They don't believe it protects an individual right, but the 'right' of states to arm their militias. So, per that misinterpretation, they ARE supporting the 2A. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: DullArmor

11/16/2020, 22:15:00

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Some states (like my home state of MD) do not understand the concept of "militia". Maryland considers its "militia" to be a corps of medical workers (doctors, nurses, etc...), beurocrats (logistics, supply), and mental health workers (chapplins, psychiatrists and psychologists).

The hundreds of thousands of veterans with real-world (neutralize the enemy) skills are not wanted by the "official militia" of my state.

When any state (or nation) fears its military veterans, there is a huge problem. We have come very far from the CMP & school shooting club programs of the 1960's. My uncles carried 22 rifles to school, stowed them in their lockers, then retrieved them after school to practice in the school basement range that was present in most public schools constructed between 1950 & 1975.

But the internet keeps getting faster, we can stream every episode of Friends & Seinfeld on-demand, play ultra-realistic next-gen 4k and VR games. So as long as we are distracted, who cares that we have become a nation of such weak-willed wimps that the communists can takeover every news outlet, indoctrinate our kids in public schools, steal elections, and gain public support for their agenda.

3% indeed. 97% will stay home & believe what CNN tells them between watching reruns of Wings & Martin. Makes me want to puke.

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