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Re: They're whining about the Senate doing the same thing to Biden that the House did to Trump. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/16/2020, 16:20:34

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This is politics as usual in our modern world. As Hunter Thompson wrote, it's a "newer, cheaper world".

The net result of tolerating politicians who rely on identity-politics, race-baiting, mendacious inflammatory rhetoric and other forms of polemics to win the day, this is the result.

Genuine progress grinds to a halt because those who make the decisions are too divided to agree on anything substantive - not even the shape of the table. So government grinds to a halt.

We desperately need a strong political force which focuses on eliminating polemics from the landscape and returning to patriotism based on rational dialectics.

All the ACFs offer these days is Marxist dialectics - IOW, they only are willing to discuss things in good faith within the context of series of premises within the Marxist doctrine.

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