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11/16/2020, 15:30:17

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I think it was the Vietnam negotiations. Or maybe both. I distinctly recall that absurd nonsense going on with the Paris Peace Talks which were nothing more than Commie theater to give the illusion that they wanted peace.

Frankly one of the only good things that came out of the Vietnam War was a few hundred-thousand dead Commies. That was I think, one of the unintended side benefits of an otherwise disastrous excursion into Team America:World Police. We inadvertently helped them clean out their gene pool a little by wasting a lot of NVAs and Khmer Rouge.

I know a great fellow named Dale Lawson who eventually died from a shrapnel wound he suffered when he was Special Forces (gook mortar turned him into a paraplegic).

In a better world, we would have gone full nuclear on those miserable heathens and spared the free world a TON of grief in the ensuing decades (including the Killing Fields of Pol Pot and maybe even the China Virus if we had done a full-on George Patton on the ChiComs with a handful of hydrogen bombs)

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