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The BLM movement is one of the worst things that has ever happened to America
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Posted by: John Smith ®

11/16/2020, 15:09:43

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Only about 300-400 Blacks get shot by police every year, which is about 6.97674419*(10^-6) - 9.30232558(10^-6)% of the Black population in America, if you go with the number of 43 million Blacks in this country. Also, most of them are from ghetto, low-income, poor neighborhoods. They're more likely to get shot because their community has higher crime rates, and they're more likely to be patrolled by police. Out of those 300-400 people, most of those shot are violent criminals too. And here we keep trying to fight for them, as if they are such highly influential people on this planet. (See link)

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