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11/16/2020, 15:08:40

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When governments enact laws which are disagreed with by 97% of the population, it begs the question, "what form of government do you really have?" 

ACF's love to make the analogy to segregation laws but that is BS (as virtually all ACF arguments) because at the time the U.S. government enacted repeals of segregation policies, the overwhelming majority of U.S. population FAVORED repeals of all laws which permitted racial segregation. It was only because of segregation's enduring popularity in isolated areas (mostly in the deep south) that the U.S. government had to step in an enact a national ban on racial segregation. 

There is as far as I know, no widely-pervasive national approval of criminalizing corporal punishment which does not physically injure young people - so there is zero equivalence to racial segregation ban by government. 

That being said, this sort of law is really only needed in places where there is a general ignorance of the destructive effect of excessive physical punishment of young people. Most civilized people are smart enough to understand that if one has to beat one's offspring to get them to conform to normal behavior, one is doing something fundamentally wrong in methodology of how one is relating to them - and could benefit from some professional guidance. 

My brother only spanked his son once in his entire childhood. That was because he ignored his father's order not to run into the street  when he was about 3 or 4 years. The spanking was almost as traumatic for dad as it was for the boy - who was emotionally devastated by the experience for awhile. He was a good boy and didn't understand why he was spanked at the time, so he felt horribly betrayed. Of course they both got over it.  

My brother and his wife were wonderful parents and never had to hit him again. They practiced a policy of always explaining to their son why he was punished. The problem was that a three-year-old doesn't have much ability to grasp the concept of death/injury to begin with, so a non-intellectual mode of communication (spanking his butt) was the only way they could impress upon him the importance of ALWAYS obeying his parent's commands especially when they are shouted at him with urgency!! 

So the natural consequence of depriving parents of very young children of the spanking option in Scotland, will no-doubt be that some of those children will be killed in accidents because they didn't learn that running into the street (against their parents' orders) would kill them. 

But of course for American 'Crats or their Scottish  equivalents, all that matters to them is that they feel morally superior (because they are "non-violent" with their children). Hey, man!! If  children have to die to make leftists feel superior, then that is worth it, right? RIGHT!?! Hmmm....

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