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Businesses follow the rule "to get along go along".
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/16/2020, 12:14:50

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The safe money (in many views) is on a 'Crat president. So the trend for many in business these days is to pander to the wishes/preferences of 'Crats.

We now live in a time when it is likely that within any circle drawn at random in a general population of 100 people, around 50 or more of the people within that circle will be almost too stupid/crazy to live. The percentage goes up dramatically when dealing with any sort of mass media company staff, government or public union employee.

I now therefore assume at the outset of any interaction with strangers that barring evidence to the contrary, they are dangerous, stupid cacogens who must be managed the way one must manage lunatics or (forgive me) people who are severely retarded*. I have accepted that we are all faced with an epidemic of insanity which is likely to remain long after the CV is effectively eradicated.

* My own view of mental fitness now includes "psychological impairment caused by Anti-Conservative Fanaticism". I have taken to heart the popularism that "liberalism is a mental disorder" and adjusted my attitude accordingly. In my area, we long-ago crossed the threshold where more people are too stupid or irrational to be trusted to have decent judgment or behavior, than the opposite. From my own POV, sanity itself is a vanishing commodity. I have accepted the fact that virtually half or more of the people I meet everyday are likely to be out of their minds.

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