Government run by ACF's/'Crats is the greatest danger to the world. GOVERNMENT IS KILLING AS MANY OR MORE PEOPLE THAN CV!!
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11/16/2020, 12:02:18

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For example, the death-toll from China Virus (CV) in my own local area is almost certainly about the same as for deaths from increased rates of overdose, suicide, drunk driving, murder, drug/alcohol-related accidents. Since ALL of the latter causes of death have (even by admission of ever-mendacious 'Crats) spiked horribly along with the (alleged) infection rate of CV, there is a strong argument to be made that the REACTION to CV is as death-producing as CV itself. 

Our local 'Crat-infested governments (state/county) have concentrated on taking politically-driven steps which largely have ignored science. For example, in the region I live, virtually all of the deaths reported from CV have been concentrated in a minuscule number of locations or in communities with "multi-generational residences" or non-white or non-native populations (native for the purposes of this post refer to those born in the USA). 

Latino, black and Armenian populations in this area contain roughly 85 % of the deaths which have been attributed to CV partly because they tend to be deeply ignorant, cantankerous cacogens who do not take reasonable precautions but instead flout them out of a characteristic cussedness found in disenfranchised populations.  

 But instead of imposing restrictions which apply to communities which are mostly non-white or non-native, the government has imposed them universally. 

That means even though the infection/death-rate attributed to CV in my local area is ten-times LOWER than that in communities five or ten miles away, the restrictions apply to my community. 

So businesses which are essentially being destroyed to supposedly "protect" people from infection/death are actually being destroyed to protect the political class from criticism or lawsuits from disgruntled peripheral communities, not from CV!!!

The infection rate for CV in my local community is about 0.5% or one-in-200. Only about 30 out of 100,000 people in my area will die with the CV*. 

So what is really happening, unknown to virtually all but the select few people who bother to do research into such things, is that government is by causing conditions in society which promote increased death by all of the mitigated causes listed above, KILLING AS MANY OR MORE PEOPLE THAN THE CV. 

As many or more people in many CV-free communities are being driven by stress/depression to suicide, accidental death while under the influence of drugs/alcohol, and murder as are actually dying from CV. 

So if you subtract the draconian, unscientific "protective measures" the death-rate in my own area would be about half of what is has grown to be during this crisis. 

* The reason this expression is used is that government officials have not even tried to establish a causal link between infection of those with pre-existing conditions and fatality - the Health Department has been instructed to list the cause of death for ANYONE WHO ALSO TESTED POSITIVE FOR CV AS BEING CAUSED BY CV. IOW, even if someone with a heart ailment dies from a heart-attack but tested positive for CV, the cause of death is listed as CV!! There is no scientific basis for this determination of COD, only a political one. 

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