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When O was president he created a system of funding for the left known as "Sue & Settle." The system works like this: Left-wing organization and individual victims sue the city, county or state (Democrat) and the suit is settled <wink wink>
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Posted by: Dee W.

11/15/2020, 09:39:34

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by the particular Democrat region sued. It funded Acorn and many communist organization for years.

In Georgia, the same premise was used to settle the lawsuit against the state. The very left-wing anti-Trump Secretary of State in Ga. decided to "settle" an election lawsuit by allowing the left-wing Democrats to do everything they want in order to steal and election.

Sidney Powell is in court over this lawsuit and we pray she wins. It will be the only way Republicans will ever win.

The goofballs Osoff and Warnock (sp?) are out and out communists. Warnock says we must pay for our whiteness and our sins. YIKES!

At any rate, the "settlement" the SOS made MUST be voided in order for a legitimate win by Republicans.

Another ploy all of them use is that they allow illegals to obtain drivers licenses claiming it will help keep the roads safe. They don't mention that most states have MOTOR VOTER whereby the illegals are signed up to vote when they go for those licenses. That's what happened in AZ. 14,099 illegal (at least) were allowed to vote because Fontes went to the DMV to get their information rather than ask for birth certificates or other ID. They demanded my birth certificate, believe it or not.

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