Welcome JS!! Great thoughts. Reminds me of something I heard recently...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/15/2020, 00:32:59

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...a black gentleman (name escapes this minute) said that identity politics is a regressive trait going back to the days when a person being black was THE DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC which determined other's attitude toward you. Black people were considered sub-human by racists - so if one was black, it established the template of one's attitude toward them.

To regard race as one's defining characteristic then is to attempt to drag us all back to the bad-old-days when racists set the tone of society for both blacks and non-blacks.

BTW, I am half non-white. My father looked a lot more like Bill Cosby than Bill Clinton. He was a full-blooded towelhead who could have worn a great Afro if he had been so inclined.

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