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Not meant to be depressing. I am not depressed (at least not anymore).
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/15/2020, 00:18:45

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I'll admit that in the first few days after the phony election returns came in, I became somewhat upset. But that gave way to a period of deep reflection.

What I came up with was what you read above (thank you for taking the time to read it). I realized that my mission is to survive, adapt, improvise and overcome.

By allowing myself to accept that there may actually be some good things about our nation becoming more like communist China, (controlling the cacogens will be easier without the Constitution interfering), I began to relax a little.

I prayed about it (in my own way) and when God finally spoke to me He said, "It's not your job alone to make sure the world does not descend into Hell. It is your job to be the best person you can according to your own morality."

So I realized that regardless of circumstances, all that God asks is that I do my best, and He will do the rest. This is what assures Salvation - not works, but the intentions of my heart in doing those works.

God takes care of the bigger issues, I just try to stay in line with His will, even when it conflicts with my own. There is an analogy of a tapestry and the threads on the back that comes to mind.

Christians get used to having to bow to other than their own. So striving to be a good Christian helps me to accept the possibility that my will (that Trump be reelected) may not be what actually happens. Or it may turn out fine.

I have to accept what is - I must let it just be (because I strive to be a good Christian) but I don't have to like it.

Depression is the result of blocked feelings usually. Being a male, I do not do well with sadness. Once I felt the sadness of the tragedy of what crazy Marxists have done to this great nation in their madness, I was able to calm down a lot.

I didn't break down sobbing you understand. But as Dee mentioned, there is a great deal of loss for young people associated with the path the 'Crats and other ACFs have chosen to pursue in their lust for power at all costs. The cost is not small. THAT makes me horribly sad. Angry yes, but more sad than angry.

If God can forgive them, I suppose I must also try. But that doesn't mean I won't keep fighting against their Satanic stupidity with every ounce of power I possess.

And if the balloon goes up, I will walk in the steps of my Forefathers gladly and do whatever needs to be done, Heaven help us all!!

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