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It makes perfect sense if you understand that to these people, words have nothing to do with exchanging thought, information or ideas. To them, words are munitions...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/15/2020, 00:10:57

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...things to be used to create an effect (usually destructive).

If you have ever seen a court trial, it will be familiar. In trial law, a common technique is to accuse the other side of everything that your own side is guilty of doing.

It is purely a tactic meant to have an emotional effect on the jury. In the case of politicians, it's exactly the same technique, but the "jury" is the voting public.

First rule of trial law is NEVER admit ANYTHING that is potentially damaging to your own side. It is better to tell a stupid lie than to admit the truth. Distract, distort, disdain, deflect, deride, double-talk. All are part of the arsenal.

The very LAST thing words are used for in both trial law and politics 'Crat-style is making rational arguments. 'Crats avoid making rational arguments because all and I mean ALL of their points are based on emotion - purely.

The smarter 'Crat politicians don't even bother trying to appeal to reason. Ever.

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