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In my darker thoughts...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/14/2020, 20:07:18

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...I am losing hope for the USA to endure as it has been for close to three centuries, but never losing hope in God and Christ. 

I no longer stress out too much about politics. It's sort of like getting upset about glaciers. Regardless of my personal feelings, there is only so much that I can do as an individual to effect either of them. 

We may be entering a new era - "a newer, cheaper era", as Hunter Thompson might have said. The Age of the Cacogens.

There is a rational argument to be made in favor of tyranny, that Humanity is not ready for self-governance. A wise guy once said of our nation that Constitutional republican democracy requires a religious population to sustain it (paraphrased). IOW animals who wear clothing can't be the greater constituency of a free republic. 

From the perspective of history, the wonderful Roman Republic only lasted a couple of centuries - then was subsumed by the horrible Roman Empire which lasted ten-times longer. 

SF author Phillip K. Dick (who liked to call himself Horselover Fat because "Phillip" means "horselover" and "dick" means "fat" in German) wrote in one of his books (VALIS) concerning our modern world, "The (Roman) Empire never ended". What he meant was that the basic culture/society of the horrid Roman Empire - militant, brutal, top-down militant oligarchy, never ceased to exist in spirit, only in form. He meant that through the ages, long after the Roman Empire joined the Roman Republic in disappearing from the world as a material thing, the spirit of tyranny endured (like Tolkien's Sauron) and reasserted itself over and over and over again over the long centuries.

So perhaps in our own age.

There is a popular myth that we are progressing as a species - that the Human race gets a little better every generation. Nope. I don't believe it. Not in the most essential ways.

Some aspects of the world DO get better - but only in some ways. The Human Race does get better over time - but the essential nature of Humanity - that the overwhelming numbers of the world are ill- suited to self-control, self-governance, self-moderation as opposed to being RULED by an all-powerful oligarchy which controls the population more than administrates self-governance through the rule of law.

So it's possible that this is a wake-up call for all of us. The era of self-governance led by the USA, and the start of the era of the Global Overlords (who will discard all encumbrances to global imperial dominion and be the ones who dole out freedom/democracy and revoke it at will) may be about to begin.

Sure...this feels like...rape. It is extremely unpleasant to see such infamy playing out before our eyes. It feels like evil is winning - and maybe it is in some regards (the Rule of Law may be passing away as the governing principle of our system). 

Maybe we will all have to finish out our years here on this planet differently than we thought we would - watching what is left of the greatest nation the world has ever known decline into being just another mundane feature of the global empire. Maybe it's just  like throwing up. Unpleasant but somehow necessary. Maybe the world's cacogens would, without the end of general freedom (replaced with technocratic overlords monitoring, controlling and brutally removing anyone who they believe threatens to destabilize the Empire), eventually would bring utter and absolute catastrophe- the end of Humanity as we know it. Racial extinction or something similar. 

I have often wondered how in a world where technology makes it a little easier every day for one person to kill more than one person, we can sustain general freedom? Maybe the Powers That Be have decided that we can't. It's either lose much of our freedom or watch ourselves become extinct as a species - through more plagues (bio-weapons unleashed), thermonuclear war (unleashed by terrorists or rogue nations), internecine wars expanding to overwhelm the thin veneer of civilization causing the collapse of international infrastructure.  

Maybe the only safe way for Humanity to continue is with a high-tech-supported Ruling Class (like the ancient Roman elites but with 21st century hardware to sustain it) that is necessary to keep chaos in check - prevent too much disorder, but at the price of increasingly limited freedom for everyone except the Ruling Class. Maybe we were just expecting too much. 

Sure, the members of this forum, and the 70 million or so US voters clearly saw the looming end of freedom, the end of the Rule of Law in the election of these cacogens. We wanted to stop it with all our hearts, so we could continue to preserve a legitimate constitutional republican form of governance because we personally are more-than-capable of living peacefully forever as free people - unfettered. 

But maybe in a realistic sense, that is too much to expect from a the general population of the world of barely-homan cacogenic peasants (the overwhelming majority population of Terra Firma). Maybe the cacogenic masses would have used the freedom they have to literally destroy the Human race. Maybe if we continue to preserve freedom, it would be abused the way Osama Bin Laden abused it. The way many mass murderers with heavy weapons have abused it.  The way terrorist networks want to abuse it. The way sub-Saharan war-lord-ruled nations are ruining it.  

Maybe the powers that be decided that this general freedom had to end so the Human Race could continue. Maybe in a thousand years or so, we will come back around and have another go at living in a free republic with representative rule. 

I for one am preparing for the possibility that my best hope for the future is to live out my life with whatever freedom and prosperity can be had by some little person like myself within the scope permitted by the Empire, and that I may finish my personal journey down the path that God wants me to walk, and so ascend not perish at the end. 

Maybe the dream is over because it had to end so Humanity could continue. Maybe we are just not good enough as a species to enjoy the type of freedom we have had in this great nation since 1787. 

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