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Whites becoming minority
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Posted by: John Smith

11/14/2020, 19:50:39

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As a non-white person, I don't understand at all why the hell it is OK or RIGHT for Whites to become a minority in the US or in European countries, and why tf nobody's talking or doing anything about this! I always saw the world in terms of different ethnicities living in different regions of the world, and this nation was created and built by White people, just like how EVERY OTHER country in the world was built primarily by people of one race/ethnicity and they STILL get to be mostly mono or bi-racial today. White countries just happen to be targeted by immigrants from different places. But look at ANY OTHER country! Look at Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, etc. ALL those countries are mostly comprised of people of one race/ethnicity. They don't have any immigrants coming to their countries! So we really have to do something about this, because the world is fast-changing in a way people don't like.

Any thoughts?

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