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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

11/14/2020, 08:00:15

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I didn't know any of them were still alive, to be honest. Proctor and Ossman are apparently the only two left. 

It will be interesting to see whether the material they produce will be inspired creative lunacy like their brilliant  previous work or merely a hackneyed, formulized attempt to make a few bucks off the brand. 

They were very intellectual which is against the grain of today's standard pop-culture pabulum. Most of today's modern audience would simply yawn and go back to texting listening to their gags thinking, "Too obscure...too subtle...too whatever..." 

Using humor that forces people to think is strongly against the grain of today's humor market. 

It was amusing that Wikipedia states that they "got their name from the fact that the founding members all has astrological fire signs for their birthdays. That's prolly not true. The reason they chose that name is probably because it's a wry alteration of "fireside chats" as in "fireside theater" which is a reference to the old radio shows president Roosevelt used to communicate with the people in the pre-television era.

One wonders if disgraced former-politician anthony Weiner got his infamous pseudonym "Carlos Danger" from Nick Danger, the group's character. 

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