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First American coup attempt is on verge of being successful.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/13/2020, 22:12:31

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We are all about to witness the results of what happens when the Republican party fails to protect the American people by anticipating and fixing the problem of election fraud.

Maybe that was the real plan of the deep state all along. To use all of the intrigues of the last four years to distract from their true objective - election fraud on the most massive scale ever seen in a free nation.

It is looking like we will probably never know the extent of the fraud that was executed in any of the swing states because the 'Crats will kill all investigations in the womb.

This very well may be the end of the Great Experiment in Freedom that began in the 1700s with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

The Cacogens have almost won. It is difficult to imagine any peaceful outcome to the usurpation of Democracy in the USA.

Short of a bloody Civil War, the 'Crats and their agents will NEVER willingly relinquish their strangle-hold on the American people. The only way to stop the Usurpers will be to kill them all.
That was how Savonarola seized control of Florence from the Medici. He drove rioting mobs to murder his enemies, create chaos which he then exploited to his own advantage. It worked very effectively. The Medici were driven from power. It was only the fact that Savonarola was utterly out of his mind and unable to resist his megalomaniac impulses that he eventually was killed himself.

I expect no less from these ACFs. They are so detached from reality that they would do all of the above AND MORE if they could. One of the things cacogens do exceedingly well is justify all of the horrors they perpetrate in their own minds and sleep like babies after it's done.

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