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no CT from me
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Posted by: Vincent ®

11/13/2020, 06:30:14

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while out of the loop due to retirement, I do have a few reliable sources who keep me informed. I can tell you the swamp is deep and will take some time to drain. Trump has set up a means of draining the swamp this is why the democrats are so hell bent on getting ride of him. The swamp is full of Nancy's and Chuck's they are afraid of what Trump has set up and are afraid they may be next. The first thing the democrats will do if they can get in power is dismantle Trumps swamp draining tool. The guns are next on the list all the while setting up their money making machine, im talking about China and Russia. The US will pay dearly if the democrats ever get back in charge. They thought they had it all figured out, but Trump came along and now they have to get back in charge so they can use our enemy against us.

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