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Re: Vincent, Democrats and Libertarians are the stupid ones, not most Americans who voted for trump. I was a Libertarian for a few years, and realized all I was doing was taking votes away from some good candidates allowing the Dems to win. This -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dullarmor

11/12/2020, 12:31:03

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Been registered as a Libertarian for years and my wife is registered 'unaffiliated' (Independent). We both tend to vote primarily republican. We will vote democrat if a decent person runs for an office. Maryland's comptroller is a fellow named Peter Francot, he makes his own decisions and often does not support the official party position on an issue. And for doing so, he gets my vote every election cycle.

Trump was the answer to what America wanted when 'moderate' republicans fought against the Tea Party movement. (unfortunate, because Ted Cruz would have been fantastic if he had gotten the nomination in 2016).

Trump picked good advisors, but I really don't think he knows the key issues that conservatives care about in the way that someone like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul does. Those guys know the issues backwards and forwards and all the if-thens and what-ifs and why-nots.

But even though Trump is not my ideal candidate, he is a lot farther towards my political views than anyone that the democrats have fielded in many election cycles.

I think that the independents, especially Libertarian, that ran on the 2020 ballot were insane. Choosing to throw out the baby with the bath water just to prove a point. The 1.5% or so of the voters who voted for Jo would have voted for Trump if the stupid Libertarian party would have decided to take one for the team to prevent a Biden win at all costs. And we wouldn't need to be in this current mess.

And while, as a Libertarian, I do think that on one or two issues the dems have backed into supporting the right policy for the wrong reasons; as a whole, I support the Libertarian platform primarily, along with most of the Republican platform. But by-God, if I want strawberry ice cream and the only viable options are cat-turd or chocolate, I think that I can settle for the chocolate instead of insisting on strawberry knowing that this choice could leave me with a cat-turd cone. Voting strawberry, knowing full well that the restaurant would substitute cat-turd was sheer idiocy.

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