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"We have been set free by the scorched-earth politics of the left." -- So, THERE! NYA!
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

10/18/2020, 00:30:07

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Ordinary Americans say 'NO' to leftist destruction

Sean Harshey
6-7 minutes

For most of the past 50 years ordinary Americans have watched as our culture was torn apart, our traditions mocked and our faith ridiculed. Unless one considered themselves part of some identity-politics special interest group, the Republican Party became the default for regular Americans. Many Republicans ran for office over the past 30 years as conservatives, only to repeatedly surrender positions and issues to liberal Democrats, resulting in dramatic transformations to our nation and culture. Some commentators and GOP apologists dismiss the constant leftward shift as just the swinging of a political pendulum and assure us it will swing back. But the left-right pendulum always swings further to the left and only slightly to the right before surging further left again.

Drag Queen Story Hours, pronoun confusion and homosexual marriage as a constitutional right – as legally sacred as our rights to freedom of religion, speech or to bear arms – are cultural markers that would have been unthinkable just 24 years ago. In 1996 Congress overwhelmingly passed the Defense of Marriage Act, and it was signed into law by Democrat President Bill Clinton. The law was passed to head-off challenges from conservative states claiming they would be forced to recognize gay marriage through interstate "full faith and credit" requirements resulting from liberal states' same-sex "civil union" laws. DOMA was passed by overwhelming, veto-proof majorities in both houses – 342-67 in the House and 85-14 in the Senate. The law was struck down by the Supreme Court less than 20 years later when a constitutional right to gay marriage was announced, a right that had somehow gone unnoticed for over 200 years.

As with everything else from leaders in Washington: It never mattered what the American people want.

Sex education began in the 1970s as a basic lesson in human biology taught in health class to students mature enough for such discussions, but has morphed into teaching "alternate lifestyles," condom promotion and other sexual cultures to young children.

Drug use has gone from socially unacceptable to openly discussed, decriminalized in many places through lack of enforcement and even supported and accommodated in liberal cities with taxpayer-funded needles to facilitate addicts' drug use.

TRENDING: Biden advocates 'gender change' for children

Broadcast networks have devolved from having Standards and Practices departments meant to ensure a basic level of family-friendly content in the programming sent into Americans' homes, to a race to see who can shock viewers with new levels of degeneracy.

Our education establishment, steeped in cultural Marxism and using their control of universities and the new teachers they churn out, have transformed American history from something great to the vilest evil the world has ever known. America-hating radical Howard Zinn's alternate history of our country (where America is the villain, naturally) has completely replaced the inspiring history taught since our nation's founding. In fact, the New York Times has produced an alternate, Africa-focused history that removes America's founding from 1776 and sets it in 1619 when black slaves first arrived in the colonies. The unbridled hate and rage from mobs of young people destroying every statue, monument, memorial and other remembrance they can get their hands on is a testimony to an entire education spent being conditioned that their culture, their nation, their history, their ancestors and their communities are evil and have always been evil.

When the left seized control over the House and Senate on the back of Barack Obama's triumphant 2008 victory, they had effective control over the entire United States government. As they pushed their agenda and refused to include Republicans in even the drafting of legislation, they mocked conservatives with the "elections have consequences" taunt. Conservatives responded by giving the GOP control of the House, then the Senate. Then, in 2016, Americans stunned the Bush and Clinton political dynasties by nominating and then electing Donald Trump to the presidency.

During the past four years the America-hating grievance groups, combined with the political establishment, have done everything in their power to block, harass, legally entangle, smear and attack President Trump and his supporters.

As mainstream media dropped all pretense of objectivity, Democrats at the state and local level are destroying their economies to blame President Trump while Antifa, BLM and other Democratic street fighters are physically demolishing public and private property and terrorizing citizens. Through it all, ordinary Americans have been set free.

We have been set free from the fiction that, if we play by the rules and win elections, we can have our turn to implement our agenda. We have been set free from the lie that liberals love America, too, and value freedom of speech. We have been set free from the fantasy that leftists will not abuse any power they manage to attain and use it to snuff out political opposition, including their use of violence, destruction and intimidation. We can no longer be bullied into taking liberals' word that there are not larger, destructive cultural plans hiding behind their initiatives they promote with sob stories and good intentions. We no longer have to pretend the tyranny our Founding Fathers warned against and provided for in the Second Amendment is something that could never happen in our modern times.

We have been set free by the scorched-earth politics of the left.

The political tension across our nation is due to ordinary Americans finally saying "no," after a half century of unrelenting liberal destruction. The left is demonstrating that, if they are not allowed to transform America into their atheist communist utopia, they will burn it down.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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