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TEE when I moved here in Nov. of 2013, it was great. Soros moved in and put 2 million against Joe Arpio and was able to run TV ads against everyone Soros wanted to lose.
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Posted by: Dee W.

10/17/2020, 17:32:17

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Progressives took over Maricopa County Sheriff, schools and SOS.

The Democrats have been very heavy into Arizona because it was a Soros target and still is. Kelly is owned by the CCP. It's coming out.

Things are terrible with the Maricopa Election Recorder's office. He stole thousands of votes for Sinema and will do the same for Kelly. If you remember, he is a friend of Holder's and one of the attorney's who defending the murderer of Brian Terry. He worked for the Cartel and he is total evil.

Sadly, many wimpy Republicans out here who don't know how to fight. The Board of Supervisors could have tossed him out but refused to do so. We're in trouble here.

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