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Perfect metaphor, General! DNC/ACF's are spinning out...gun control is a loser politically...
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/16/2020, 21:58:30

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...which suggests that their internal polling gives them concerns about their kook base showing up. So they will risk losing the 2A voters to keep their Marxist lunatics in distant orbit.  

That is good news for those who seek the creamy center. 

All indications are that though they dislike his tone, non-aligned voters are mostly going to vote Trump as a veto of a radical revolutionary socialist regime (chaos) taking over. 

Most business people and property owners do not want the nation to descend further into chaos. By a wide margin. Regardless of politics. 

Largely and increasingly a vote for Biden/Borgia is a vote for CHAOS running rampant and third-world corruption to reign supreme across the land. 

Cultural suicide. That sounds GREAT to some, but not to most. 

I go back to the hunch of the guy who called the 2016 race - ask yourself, if my life depended on being correct, which candidate would you say will win?

Loni Lazar Marbles. That's who. heh 

I win either way - if Biden wins, I get to watch the balloon go up and it's open season on seditious, traitorous, treasonous craven godless two-legged rats. 

Calling all sheep dogs. Time to protect the herd against the wolves. 

"You should move to a small town somewhere where the rule of law still exists.You will not survive here.This is the land of wolves now - and you are not a wolf." 

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