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Threatened (no doubt) with criminal charges if he lied to the law, "objective" CSPAN moderator Sully admits he lied about his account being hacked. Suspended by CSPAN.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/15/2020, 16:32:53

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No doubt when an FBI agent got him on the phone and asked when he could sit down and answer some questions from a LEO on the record, he panicked and admitted the truth. Most 'Crats are happy to lie - up to the point where they actually have to be held personally accountable.

Anyone who is surprised that a 'Crat lied again, signify by raising your hands and shouting, "SOU-EEEE"!!!

'Crats are evil. No nicer way to put it. Satanic. They lie by first nature, not second. They lie like Persian rugs. They lie by preference  even when telling the truth would do just as well - so they don't get out of practice.  

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