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Burn-out alki/addict Davd Crosby insults Eddie Van Halen then claims he "forgot" he had died when he made statement.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

10/15/2020, 15:47:45

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Frankly I would have been less alarmed if Crosby had simply admitted that he was being insensitive. Instead, he tried the old standby, "I didn't do what I am accused of doing, and I am so sorry for doing it."

It is not possible for him to have "forgotten" that Eddie died. So he compounds his infamy by refusing to take responsibility for his stupidity.

'Looks like leftists are collapsing into dementia all over the place. BTW, despite his "peaceful flower child" persona, Crosby has a reputation for being an asshole. I have spoken to people who worked with and around him and they said the same thing. He was always into HIMSELF, first and foremost. That and his endless love-affair with drugs/alcohol.

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