ACF friend has emotional collapse - thrown off Facebook permanently.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

10/14/2020, 14:12:59

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I have a casual friend (more an old friend of my housemate) who is a rather unstable person (by his own admission). He is on a fixed income at the poverty line - he trades his food stamps for booze at the local store (illegal but common). 

He is such a pathetic wreck that I overlook his numerous areas of ignorance and try to maintain a friendly relationship with him by speaking about common-interests, not politics. I do it for my housemate. Personally I think he is a hopeless case, but I'd never tell my housemate that about her friend. I don't think there is anything anyone can do to prevent him from having a bad end of some kind due to his alcohol-fueled licentiousness/ rage-addiction. 

This individual started screaming at my housemate over the phone during what she thought would be a normal conversation. She could tell easily that he was blind-drunk  (at 10 AM) as in "a fifth of hooch, half empty. 

All he does is take care of a pet parrot and post hateful screed-vomit on the Net (mostly Facebook) against his imagined political enemies.  

I was told by my housemate that the posts on his own Facebook page had become alarmingly violent and uh...psychotic. The sorts of things that might get someone involved with not only Facebook administrators, but maybe law enforcement. Many statements full of violence. 

I tried communicating with him for the sake of my housemate mostly. She is concerned that he is spiraling down into some sort of suicidal act. That also concerns me - but he has a history of being a "drama queen", so I fully expect that he will bottom out from his latest binge in a few days or weeks. 

I wonder if it can be proven clinically that those who post regularly with anti-Conservative fanatic views are statistically more likely to enter either the psychiatric hospital system or the criminal justice system. 

Lately it's starting to look like anti-conservative fanaticism/ emotional illness and criminal behavior resulting in arrest are strongly correlated. 

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